Livebait (Deadbait) rig For Norwegian Halibut.

Livebait (Deadbait) rig For Norwegian Halibut.


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Livebait (Deadbait) rig for Norwegian Halibut. This is probably the only rig you need to catch Halibut in Norway. Custom made (in House) rig for 1lb-3lb Coalfish baits. This rig is used on the drift just off the seabed. The rig is constructed for perfect presentation of the bait.

Picture shows a 15" Mylar Shad (not included) with a 6/0 VMC Wreckmaster Treble and a crimped (static) 9/0 Faultless Octopus hook. Total length is 24".

Product Features:

250lb Nylon ,6/0 Treble, 9/0 Octopus hook,150lb Swivel, rig is 24 inches long.
hook sizes
6/0 & 8/0

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