Zziplex ISLANDER -Ultimate Boat rod -15-20lb class

Zziplex ISLANDER -Ultimate Boat rod -15-20lb class


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The NEW MK2 -15-20lb ZZIPLEX "Islander" Boat rod specially built to our exacting specification. Built with a GLASS tip, we like them tippy and strong and this is. This MK2 is NOW a one piece 90 inches in total. Rung with Fuji "SIC" Chrome Power oval rings or alternatively with Satin finish Fuji "SIC" round New Concept guides.

 4 x new rods in stock


Product Features:

7ft 6 inches 1 x piece. Rubber Gimbal butt cap
Zziplex 15-20lb class Islander -1 piece built in Black & Silver.Fuji reel seat, butt cap.
Fuji Satin finish SIC New Concept round guides-New 1 x piece special -90 inches long
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