Zziplex Rod categories

Zziplex Rod categories


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ZZIPLEX RODS fall into about roughly 8 distinct categories**

1. THE MATCH RODS, Profile Match,New Profile (Evo) GT, Primo Match, GSI, 4500S, HSM, M4 Hi-flex match ,New M4 GT and the **new Bullet GT Hi-Flex and the Bullet GT, Zeteque GT, going up from softest to the most powerful. All these have a flexy glass tip.**

2. THE ALL ROUNDERS,  Long LT14 (14ft), shorter 13.2in Primo Synchro classic and the new Equal length Primo Synchro and XL (long butted) version. TF 50/50, The equal length slimmer M4 and slightly more powerful HST and the ZTI (equal length)New FULL TOURNAMENT. These are J curve rods. **

3. THE HI-FLEX VARIANTS, giving a “C” curve, M4 Hi-flex, Primo Hi-flex, LT14 Hi-flex ,M427 Hi-flex, and the NEW Bullet HI-Flex so the same power but a more through action (easier to load) **

4. THE EVO's (High Modulous versions) which are 20% more Powerful than the Standard rod - HST EVO, LT14 EVO, M4 EVO, New M4 GT, PROFILE EVO,PROFILE GT, ZETEQUE EVO, ZETEQUE GT, etc. **

5. THE SMALLER DIAMETER ROD(noSt suitable for people with big hands) Profile, Profile Evo, NEW Profile GT and the Profile Match mentioned before. The Profile spawned the M4 (slightly thicker) **

6. THE CASTING/ ROUGH GROUND HEAVYWEIGHTS, New TRC, M427 + hiflex, Zeteque + EVO + GT, HST EVO, LT14 Bullet ** Standard Bullet GT (glass tip)

7. THE SPECIALIST BASS RODS, Li,ght Bass, Powertex Bass, 2 piece Bass. Profile Match **

8. THE ECCENTRICS, the Carp rods, Uptiders and Boat rods.

9. GLASS TIP OR ALL CARBON? -The Glass tips work better with a Multiplier and lend themselves to a slower cast. Bite registration is much better.

Carbon tipped rods are the favourite of Casters and Fixed Spool anglers, they have a faster tip recovery adding a surge to the end of the cast.

Product Features:

N.B** I have only mentioned the more modern versions here that I order and build, there are many more rods that make up these categories.
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