SeaScent feeders

SeaScent feeders


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Based on the highly effective coarse fishing swim feeder, the SeaScenter is a feeder system specifically designed for sea angling. Simply slide on your line and secure, load with chopped bait, and the Sea Scenter will provide a huge scent trail that even fish at distance will feel is worth following up. Chopping worm, squid or fish releases far more scent than a conventional hookbait, and in strong tides with the feeder fished in-line above the hookbait, as the fish works up the scent trail the first meal it comes across is your hookbait. Whats more, liquid fish stocks can be prepared at home from filleted carcasses and used to flavour bran or plain brown crumb groundbait. Manufactured from tough materials designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, the Sea Scenter is available in three sizes (75mm, 125mm & 185mm long) , making the Scenter suitable for both beach, float and boat. So why not give it a go, it makes scents



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