Zipplex Older Decals

Zipplex Older Decals


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I have some Zziplex decals for those rod builders looking for them.

11 only x Modern vertical Decal – Zziplex with logo at the top -5.5 “ long x 1”

 4 only x 1.5 inch square Zziplex logo.

2 only x “4500S” –white on Black background.

1 only x “4500S” –white on Clear background.

2 only x “3500” – white on clear

1 only x “2500” - white on clear

1 only x “HSM” - white on clear

2 only x “HST” - white on clear

2 only x “Dream Machine” decals

1 only x scripted “Primo”

2 only x old scripted vertical “Zziplex” decal - white on clear

5 only x Zziplex decal no logo -white on clear.

3 only x original “Synchro” decals


Product Features:

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