Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes Type 6

Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes Type 6


Introducing our whole new line of Dry Boxes called Sportmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes, SPUD for short. Sportman's dry Boxes can be used for 101 uses. The tongue and groove construction uses an O-Ring for water-resistant dry storage. The lid has a comfortable handle and large easy open lockable latch. Ideal for keeping your personal item dry.Four sizes in all, SPUD boxes have extras you just won't find anywhere else.SHOWN HERE WITH ORANGE SPUD-7 FOR SIZE COMPARISOM. One of these boxes was recently recovered from a boat that had been sunk in 25 metres for nearly 5 months. There was less than 2mm of water inside even the top of the lip (not waterproof) had only a tiny bit of water in it.Not Bad eh!

To read a full Des Westmore review on these boxes click on the link below

For Kayak users: the Outer dimensions of the bottom of the box are 9.75inches deep x 15" wide


Product Features:

Not only is it spacious, but what really makes it special are 4 x bungee hook receivers (SPUD-6 only) Strap it down tight to anything and you will have full access to it's content without having to unhook it. (L)19" x (W)13" x (H)10.4"
(L)19 x (W)13 x (H) 10.4 inches

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