Aluminium Oval Crimps- ADB

Aluminium Oval Crimps- ADB


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Aluminium oval crimps for use with monofilament.All packs are 50's

Product Features:

50 packs only
Inside Diameter (mm)
Mono lbs
0.8mm x 50
up to 70lb ADB08
1.0mm x 50
80-90lb ADB10
1.3mm x 50
100-150lb ADB13
1.5mm x 50
150-200lb ADB15
Awaiting stock
1.7mm x 6mm long. x 50
200-250lb -AO
1.9mm x 50
250-300lb ADB19 -See CRW3 N.P.copper crimps for same size
Awaiting stock
2.1mm x 7mm long H.D.x 50
2.0mm -375lb -AO
2.3mm x 50
300-425lb ADB23
Awaiting stock
2.8mm x 50
2.8mm x 450lb
3.2mm x 50
3.2mm (575-650lbs)

all the above prices are exclusive of VAT and Delivery.