Bass & Ray hooks

The tradional hook for Bass is without a doubt the Aberdeen, Round bend, very sharp point, strong and a shank long enouth to take a good size Peeler crab, the preferred bait. Remember to pick a hook size to match the bait not the fish. Circle are also being used and the favourite is the SS Circle streamer which is an Aberdeen shaped circle. For Rays where large Squid baits are used anything up to a 8/0 can be used but on this island (Isle of Wight)a small 2/0 or 3/0 is used with a single sandeel and this has accounted for many fish in double figures. Same criteria applies pick to hook to match the size of bait.

Red Devil" Aberdeens

VMC "Red Devils" special forged Aberdeen suitable for large Crab, Sandeel & Squid baits for Ray, Bass, Cod etc. Don't mistake this hook for...

Black Bass Aberdeen -E7250

VMC high quality Black Bass Aberdeen. Lots of Similar pattern hooks about but they too brittle not these! Sure to become a very popular choice. sizes...
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