Isle of Wight Plaice boom

2 x sizes NOW- 21inch Metal boom with 50+ 8mm beads (large)+ 100 x 5mm beads (small) crimped and shrink tubed with Nickel rolling swivels. Centre Barrel swivel with Interlock snap. This is a very successful rig for drifting for Plaice. Lots of bigger fish caught on these. I drift these with a size 1 ss Circle streamer hook and short snoods (8-9inch)Another good ragworm hook with these is the Vanadium red worms size 1. The Black & Green work better on the Mussel beds, The Red & Yellow are better on the sand. Other colours can be made up. Just order them and email what colour you prefer.

Large beads Black & Green
3 x booms
Large beads Black & Green
1 to try

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