A large selection of crimps single and double.For shore rigs up to shark and tuna.

Aluminium Oval Crimps- ADB

Aluminium oval crimps for use with monofilament.All packs are 50's

Mini Copper rig Crimps- CR

These are the crimps for making those all important rigs. 

Nickel Plated Round Copper Crimps-NPCR

Nickel plated round Copper crimps for use with Nylon covered wire.Paced in 50's

Nickel Plated Double Copper Crimps -CRW

HEAVY DUTY Nickel plated double Copper crimps for Nylon.

Copper Double Barrel Crimps -CDB

Copper double barrel crimps with a black Nickel finish.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Doubles -AD

Heavy duty Aluminium double crimps.

Crane Swivel and Crimp (25pack)

A crane swivel and crimp in one product. For use with heavy Nylon traces.Sizes from 0.75mm (60lb line) to 2.5mm (500lb line)Inside diameter.
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