Loops & Stainless Grip Lead Wires

Aselection of stainless steel

grip lead rollers & loops in various sizes and lengths.

Curved 7 inch stainless grip wires

We purchased these 7 inch stainless grip lead rollers from a different supplier they have a slight bend in them that wont affect there...

Long and short Tail wires

4" long tail wires for beach leads and 2.25" Short tail wires for beach leads.  **At the moment these Tail Wires are Zinc plated as there is a...

Stainless grip wires 6 & 7 inch

100 x pieces of 18g straight high tensile wire. See our Video on youtube to show how to BEND THE WIRES. http://youtu.be/q3sVmHw-G4w

Bopedo Loops

Steel loops for Bopedo moulds. Sold in 50's.

Stainless Loops

Do-it-mould stainless loops. use these loops for the Cannonball moulds, size 1 for the 1,2,3 & 4oz mould and size 2 for the 3 x bigger moulds.The...

stainless loops -2 widths

These loops are made from (1.2mm) 18 guage stainless steel and are the toughest,strongest lead loops around and will not pull out. The standard...

Brass Top Loops

General all round loop for smaller moulds.
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