Tournament cyrstal ,quality monofilament from Japan Crystal Clear,soft and supple ,very good knot strength 4oz spools

Marlin Mono 4oz spools

The quality of this Italian line and it's reliability is fast becoming a favourite with rig makers and fisherman alike. 3 x vibrant colours...

Marlin Mono Shock leaders

Our Marlin Mono makes great Shock leaders on small spools-    . 50lb in 150m spool 60lb in 100m spool 70lb in 100m...

Sakuma Nite Crystal

Sakuma Tournament Monofilament 4oz Spools Exceptional diameter to breaking strain Superb knot strength. Yellow

Koike Cyrstal Clear Tapered Shock Leaders

Crystal clear tournament shock leaders 5 x tapered shockleaders 14m in length superior japanese quality

Heavy Nylon Traces

Clear Nylon trace for making Conger, Tope, Rays, Huss etc.

Comercial hanks heavy mono

1kg  Comercial hanks of heavy mono.
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