Rod Guides & Tips

A large selection of quality tip eyes and rod guides .in various patterns,colous and sizes.

Fuji MNAG- Polished Stainless ALCONITES

Fuji replacement for the Chrome Alconites. Instead of Chrome plating the stainless frames, they have been polished to perfection.Same rings but what...

Fuji CCMNAG silver-white frame Alconite guide

New Silver finish Fuji Multi purpose Alconite guides & tips

Fuji- BMNAG - Black ALCONITE rings & tips

These Black Alconites new concept guides are thinner, lighter and harder than other Alumina centre rings.. 

Fuji CCKWAG Alconites - silver-white frame guide

The new Fuji Alconite Silver-White finshed Frames. The polished SS Alconites and Black Alconites are being phased out in favour of more ecologically...

Pacbay Minima 4 Titanium Frame

From PacBay Ti Minima 4 these Minima Guides are made from Solid Titanium with a Hard Chrome Centre. Very light.

Pac Bay Stainless Minima 4 Guides

MINIMA 4 -Quality Stainless Guides from Pac Bay in America. Slim Profile and light weight. Nothing to break with these!!! Stainless Steel frame with...

Pac Bay Black Tich Minima 4 guides

MINIMA 4 -Black Tich Chrome coated Stainless Guides from Pac Bay in America. Slim Profile and light weight. Nothing to break with...


Now discontinued by Fuji -Hard Chrome Plated Alconite rings -Thinner, Lighter and Harder than other Alumina centre rings. Sets Available in 2 X...

Fuji CMNSG New Concept Chrome SIC rings-

Fuji's new concept guides. Silicone carbide rings for hard wearing and braid. These rings are a new design and look the business as well. We fit...
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