Octopus hooks

The Octopus style hook This style of hook has a extra-wide gap rounded shape for a higher percentage hookup. Built with a forged, reverse offset, it has the strength to handle large fish. The up eye patterns are perfect for those Pennel rigs. The large sizes are famous for Tope & Smoothound. The shape is also good for Crab & Mackerel baits.

Dynamic Ringed Livebait -E7360r

These Barbarian solid ring Livebait hooks are Needle sharp and 4 x strong and principally for Big Game & Catfish. Can be used as an Assist hook...

Spin Shot -E7119ss

 The latest craze of "Light Rock fishing" owes it's success to the Drop Shot and Spin Shot hooks. Ultra light and resistant spinning system,...

SS Octopus Livebait -Crab hook -E8117

Stainless steel, X strong, reversed, forged, short shank. Very strong and sharp.Delicious!Length of 6/0 hook 1.75".Gape 20mm (3/4")**more sizes to...

Red Fastgrip Livebait Octopus -E7109

All the latest VMC technology wrapped up in this new hook. Great for pennels and Crab baits.Light, sharp and very strong.

Octopus Livebait -E100

A short shank Livebait hook.A great little hook and very sharp.

VMC Faultless Livebait - E9295

A Fine Wire Forged Live bait hook. A finer Octopus that goes down to size 10. Very sharp.

VMC Livebait -E7262

A short shank livebait for those bigger fish. A very strong hook with a larger Eye

VMC Faultless Octopus - E9299

A very strong wire Octopus hook, has been adopted in North Devon to target anything. Pennel rig and Pulley rig favourite. Tope, Bass, Conger hook.

Assist hooks

200lb Kevlar Braid5/0 Octopus Stainless 8117 Hooks100lb bs swivel.100lb bs Split ring
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