A selection of stainless steel oshaunessy,circle & octopus stainless steel hooks.

Mustad SS Circle Streamer -E71SS

Stainless Steel Saltwater Circle- Fly hook and Beach fishing worm hook. Magic circle worm hook for Sole, Flounder, Plaice, Dabs, Bass, Bream, you...

Mustad SS O'Shaughnessy -E34007

A Stainless Steel O'Shaughnessy for Commercial and general fishing. for smaller sizes and overlap 6-4/0 see the VMC Stainless Steel...

VMC SS O'Shaughnessy- E8255s

A unrivalled Stainless Steel O'Shaughnessy for Sea Trout,Mackerel and general fishing. For larger sizes see Mustad 34007 hooks.

Mustad SS O'Shaughnessy -E715

An extra long, extra strong O'Shaughnessy from Mustad's top drawer. Very sharp.Great for worm baits among others.

SS Octopus Livebait -Crab hook -E8117

Stainless steel, X strong, reversed, forged, short shank. Very strong and sharp.Delicious!Length of 6/0 hook 1.75".Gape 20mm (3/4")**more sizes to...

Longline Stainless Circles- E7382s

A Stainless Steel Forged, 3 x strong, Longline circle from VMC. Sizes 1/0 to 4/0. Needle sharp Triple reinforced wire for live bait fishing.
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