Big Game

A selection of Big Game hooks for the Bigger Species.Shark,Tuna etc.

Dynamic Ringed Livebait -E7360r

These Barbarian solid ring Livebait hooks are Needle sharp and 4 x strong and principally for Big Game & Catfish. Can be used as an Assist hook...

Feedback on the Dynamic Ringed livebait -E7360r

Richard Lee from Corfe Mullen sent me these pictures following a trip to NORWAY in AUGUST. He was quite impressed with the strength of the VMC 7/0...

Mustad Classic Big Game -E7690

More World records than any other Big Game hook. Shark, Skate, Conger, Cod you name it. The needle eye leaves a much smaller hole in the bait.

Mustad -5 x STRONG TREBLES -E9430

Mustad Classic Saltwater 5 x extra Strong, Short shank trebles. Duratin Plated. Big Game & Nile Perch, Catfish Trebles.

VMC Fishfighter Treble 6 x STRONG -E8527

6 x STRONG Big game Treble, favourite for Catfish & Big game lures.Very sharp and beautifully engineered. Strongest hook going for lures! 5 x...

VMC Bay King -E9730

A big strong game hook for very big game!It's so strong that the 14/0 has been brazed into a treble and is being fired from a mortar with chain and...


Fits inside large squid Takes 1 x 1aa battery [not included] Lights up the squid for added attraction.

Circle Sea Giant -E190

An Eagle Claw Circle developed with Sharklike, Halibut, Tarpon and Tuna in mind.   13/0 to 15/0 

Bespoke HD Shark traces

300lb & 500lb Traces for British Shark fishing.300lb x 10ft rubbing trace & choice of 300lb x 5ft or 500lb bite. 12/0 VMC BAY KING welded...
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