We stock a large range of treble hooks from size 14 right upto 12/0.

in 1x strong up to 6x strong.from coarse fishing to wrecking we have a treble to

cover your needs.

Mustad Red Round bend Treble -36102NP-R

Mustad "ULTRAPOINT" round bend, short shank Trebles, Red plated. Size 4's are in Retail packs of 6 x hooks.

VMC Round Bend Treble E649 & E9649 Black

A round bend, last forever! Sounds like a perfect Treble for Bass. Popular treble for live baiting Mackerel.Perma Steel Or BLACK.

O'Shaughnessy Treble -E974 Bronze

The hook behind the best lures and muppets etc. This hook is the finest treble made. Used for large baits as well as upgrading lure hooks, it is...

Mustad Predator Treble-E9430 - 5 x strong

Mustad Trusted 5 x Strong Predator Trebles in 3 sizes - 2, 2/0 & 4/0 Perfect for Trolling, Big Game and Catfish.

VMC Wreckmaster Treble -E9617

A very sharp and durable hook, now famous as the wreckers choice.

Mustad Wreck Treble -E549D

For those of you who require a larger Treble. 12/0,10/0 & 7/0.The largest Treble we do.Perfect for Norway


This 3 times strong Treble is the dogs for Trolling or wrecking when you need the extra strength.

VMC Fishfighter Treble 6 x STRONG -E8527

6 x STRONG Big game Treble, favourite for Catfish & Big game lures.Very sharp and beautifully engineered. Strongest hook going for lures! 5 x...

Soft Lure Doubles -Red Tin -E9920

Four sizes of Soft Lure doubles from VMC. The biggest size is 4/0 and is 2.75 inches (70mm) long.

VMC O'Shaughnessy Semi Barbless Treble -E9621

A fish friendly Trout and Salmon treble. One barb and two barbless points.

VMC Round Bend Treble- Bronze E9650

Extra Strong Round Bend Treble in Bronze. Sizes 6, 4, 3/0, 4/0, & 5/0

Barbless bronze Trebles size 2- E934

Size 2 Barbless bronze trebles from Eagle Claw. only one size. Sold in 25's & 50's

Mustad O'Shaughnessy Treble -E975

A Belt and Braces Treble for those Wrecking trips. 7/0 only but true to size.

VMC Faultless Treble -E9632

A small treble with tucked in point. Also have 2 x sizes in Bronze coating.4's &b 8's.

Nickel Round short shank Treble -E834

A round bend short shank nickel treble in 3 sizes. 2 & 3/0 & 4/0 only -2 x strong

VMC Clip on Treble -E9608

A hook to replace those lure trebles.

4 x Strong O'Shaughnessy Trebles -E3592

Mustad 4x Strong Trebles for the ultimate in strong lure trebles. 2 sizes 1 and 2 in 25's,50's or 100's. SPECIAL PRICE FOR CLEARANCE.
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