The Aberdeen Style - Round bend hooks The perfect Aberdeen has a slightly squared round bend. The extra width between the shank and the hook point allows the point to stand away from the bulk of the bait. Some Aberdeens are made to flex (slow curing) E595-E594 before breaking but now manufacturers prefer to quench the metal for speed of manufacture. With 11 different types on this site you should be able to find one that suits you. Round bend hooks excel in the codling, flatfish, Ray & Bass fishing seasons. Light wire hooks baited with worms (E202)& (E275) avoid excessive puncturing and allow more bait juice to reach the fish.

Needle sharp Surfcasting aberdeen -E7244

Long shank fine wire forged hook designed for Surfcasting with worm baits. Ideal for Sole, Dabs, Flounder, Plaice & small Rays, Codling &...

Long Big Mouth Aberdeens E660- NEW 9/0 & 10/0 HOOK

Longer shank than the Sakuma Manta Extra or Varivas Big Mouth Cod but almost identical in specification. The 8/0 in this range recently broke the...

Aberdeen Black Eagle -E595

Forged, lazer sharp, heavy carbon, ringed eye "Black Eagle" made especially to fulfil the strictest criteria for the perfect hook. A hook that bends...

G.P.Light Wire Aberdeen -E202

Eagle Claw Aberdeens are specially tempered to flex before breaking. The hollow point is very effective for small Flat fish, pouting, eels etc. The...

Red Devil" Aberdeens

VMC "Red Devils" special forged Aberdeen suitable for large Crab, Sandeel & Squid baits for Ray, Bass, Cod etc. Don't mistake this hook for...

Black Bass Aberdeen -E7250

VMC high quality Black Bass Aberdeen. Lots of Similar pattern hooks about but they too brittle not these! Sure to become a very popular choice. sizes...

Mustad Fine Wire Aberdeen -E275

A cracking small match hook. Ideal for Flatties, Eels and Whiting. 

Mustad Blue Aberdeens-E3262BL

The same hook as the 3261bln but with a blue finish. Small quantity of Nickel 3282 6/0's (1000) to clear.


These Sakuma hooks have now become very popular they are very Strong and sharp, good allround smaller brother to the MANTA EXTRA.

VMC Aberdeen Red Worm E9144

A forged light Aberdeen red worm hook. A good summer match hook for flatties and eels, whiting too.

VMC Fastgrip Aberdeen -E7240

A Triple barbed Surfcasting Aberdeen with a radical new French design. Looks Good!

Mustad Ultra Point Green Cod hooks -E328

The Mustad Ultra Point, small eyed Green Cod hooks are forged for strength and are ultra sharp. They feature two small micro barbs at the top of the...
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