Rosco highest quality crane swivels

Rosco swivels are made in the USA to the highest quality . They have been the 'standard' around the world on commercial and sports fishing...

Crane Swivel - Black Nickel

Black Nickel coated Crane Swivels.    

2/0 Stainless Steel 590lbs Crane Swivel

These amazingly strong Crane swivels size 2/0 590lbs. are built to last a lifetime.The smoothest swivels you will ever handle. Now sold in retail...

Black Rolling Swivel with Round Eye

Black rolling swivel with round eye.

Rosco highest quality 9/0 1000lbs Rolling swivel

Rosco highest quality 9/0 Rolling swivel 1000lb B/S The best quality you can depend on.

12/0 Heavy Duty 1500lbs Tuna/Shark Rolling Swivel

A heavy duty 12/0 rolling swivel 1500lbs for Tuna & Shark.

3-Way Barrel Swivels

A three way barrel swivel.

Mustad 3 way Barrel Swivels -Large

Four sizes of 3 Way Barrel Swivels Direct from Mustad Norway. Big breaking strains. 2/0 to 5/0 all retail packed. 10 packs of each size = 30 x...

Black 3 way Crane swivels

These high quality American swivels are very strong size 2/0 =225lb test. Availble in packs of 10. Very useful for heavy duty wreck fishing,...

Black Brass Barrel Swivel

A barrel swivel in black brass.

Kascade Rolling Swivel

Kascade swivels are swivels with an integrated bait clip. They are used to clip down a number of hooks in a multi-hook rig.  

Crane Swivel and Crimp (25pack)

A crane swivel and crimp in one product. For use with heavy Nylon traces.Sizes from 0.75mm (60lb line) to 2.5mm (500lb line)Inside diameter.

Breakaway cascade swivels

Breakaway cascade swivels  Ingenious little clip down swivel for rig making.
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