Gemini Breakers

When the sea bed is strewn with rocks, debris (and lost tackle!) and there is a good chance that your sinker will not be able to release, so you could lose your sinker, rig and possibly one heck of a catch!

The Solution is to include a weak point in your rig, and if the sinker gets stuck you control where the line will snap, so you only loose the sinker and not the rig! The Genie Breaker has been designed to meet these needs, with safety foremost (the last thing you want is for the sinker to release whilst casting!) and dependably releasing every time.

The stainless steel hinged body holds the weight securely in place by means of the trigger button, which then releases the swinging arm on impact with the sea. Then the sinker and rig are joined only by the weaker line (the weak link).

5 breakers

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