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Sea Fishing New Items

4 Hook Mackerel Ribon Trace

4 Hook Mackerel RibonTrace,quality mackerel trace sold in packs of 5 traces

Wychwood Crimping Tool

Wychwoog quality crimping pliers Specifically designed jaws for closing crimps Carbon steel jaws for strength side cutter included complete with...

Needle sharp Surfcasting aberdeen -E7244

Long shank fine wire forged hook designed for Surfcasting with worm baits. Ideal for Sole, Dabs, Flounder, Plaice & small Rays, Codling &...

Coast rechargable headlamp

Coast rechargeable headlap,270 lumens,10hr max run time.usb charger weather proof,5 year warranty

Mini Zipp Slider

Mini Zip slider ideal for inshore/light fishing.Bream Plaice etc

Small Boat Boom

Small boat boom ideal for inshore fishing.

Distance 4/0 pulley pennel rig

Clipdown pulley pennel distance ray rig. Size 4/0 long big mouth aberdeen hooks 70lb  trace line Gemini splashdown gemini premium pulley...

4 Hook Mackerel Tinsel Trace

4 Hook Mackerel Tinsel Trace,quality mackerel trace sold in packs of 5 traces

Island BREAM Rig -BR13FG

This rig uses 40lb Amnesia rig body and 25lb Amnesia snoods on a 2 up 1 down design using magic size 2 Octopus Fastgrip Hooks.The...

1 Up 1 Down Pennel

Ideal trace for fishing different size baits Size 1 hook on the top for worm baits for Flatfish and smaller species, Size 2/0 Pennel on the bottom...

Island BREAM Rig -BR13 circle

This rig uses 40lb Amnesia rig body and 25lb Amnesia snoods on a 2 up 1 down design using magic Best Qualtity size 2 VMC Sport circles. This rig has...

Koike Size 2 pulley beads

Quality size 2 pulley beads Ideal for pulley rigs etc In packs of 8

3 Hook Flatfish Trace

Good general purpose flatfish trace  With coloured beads as attractors. 1 hook fished above the weight  2 hooks fished below the...

Rosco highest quality 9/0 1000lbs Rolling swivel

Rosco highest quality 9/0 Rolling swivel 1000lb B/S The best quality you can depend on.


Tournament cyrstal ,quality monofilament from Japan Crystal Clear,soft and supple ,very good knot strength 4oz spools

Koike Cyrstal Clear Tapered Shock Leaders

Crystal clear tournament shock leaders 5 x tapered shockleaders 14m in length superior japanese quality

2/0 Up and Over trace

Popular distance up & over clipdown trace 70lb trace body,40lb hook length size 2/0 lbm abberdeen hooks breakaway imp clipdown

6"Jelltex Sandeels with 5/0 hook

6" Jelltex Sandeels with quality vmc Z Bend 5/0 hook. Great for Cod-Bass and Pollack pks of 2

XL Clip-on Tip Lights

High Visibility In The Dark: Max Visibility:177 Meter. Glow extremely bright. The glow sticks are perfect for night fishing or early morning...

Zip sliders

Tough Plastic running boom with stainless snap.

Fuji CCMNAG silver-white frame Alconite guide

New Silver finish Fuji Multi purpose Alconite guides & tips


  These “Limited edition” boat rods will not be repeated. They are exclusive to Uk Hooks in the UK. The 6ft Sportex Carbon Fibre...

Assist hooks

200lb Kevlar Braid5/0 Octopus Stainless 8117 Hooks100lb bs swivel.100lb bs Split ring

Gemini Genie Tip Tape

A highly reflective white, self adhesive tape, for the rod tip, giving excellent bite indication. (As used on high visibility safety...

2021 Isle of Wight & Portsmouth Tide table

2021 Tide Table - Get ready for next year with the new Tide Table for Sandown, Freshwater,Ventnor, Yarmouth & Portsmouth. Including Isle of wight...

Kascade Rolling Swivel

Kascade swivels are swivels with an integrated bait clip. They are used to clip down a number of hooks in a multi-hook rig.  

7" Jelltex Twintails With Hooks

7" Yellow Black AIL Twintails,  with quality vmc Z Bend 5/0 hook. Great for Cod-Bass and Pollack.  pks of 2

Luminous jeltex curltails

2.5 inch luminous curl tails ideal for small leadheads or visual attractors in packs of 20 

Black and red sidewinder sandeels

Black with Red tail finish. An internal wrapped leadhead which flashes red/  then super holo silver repeatedly when worked on the retrieve....

Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Kit

Comprises of  Fully safe axial tool 20 x 2.4 soft crimps 20 x Rubber friction inserts.

New Black Stainless EZ Clips

New Stainless  EZ clips from America

4" Ring Worm

The 4” Ringworm has earned the reputation as one of the most versatile soft plastic baits every created … deadly for deep weed ledges...

Breakaway Adjustable Crimps

Crimps plus tapered pieces of pre-formed rubber. Push rubber through crimp to the shoulder and cut off surplus,Insert line upto 80 lb slide into...

Adjustable reel seats

  Adjustable Sliding Reel Seat for Beach Rods , This reel seat allows you to adjust the reel seat, in one position for casting and then to move...

Stick on Reflective tape

Stick on reflective tape in 3 colours Cyan Blue- Lime Green - Red. Use these to add to those pirks or lures as an attractor.

Gemini Genie Stainless Steel Swivels

New to the Gemini product range are the Stainless Steel Rolling Swivels. These are premium marine grade stainless steel swivels.They are manufactured...

Gemini Breakers

When the sea bed is strewn with rocks, debris (and lost tackle!) and there is a good chance that your sinker will not be able to release, so you...

Gemini Bait Elastic

A high quality bait elastic, ideal for whipping baits onto your hook. Supplied on a compact spool for ease of use. Does what it says on the...

Bait Elastic Dispenser

Bait Elastic Dispenser keeps your bait elastic clean and tidy either on its own or filled with gemini bait elastic,

Fluorescent Fish Lures

Fluorescent Fish Lures Stays Flexible even at very low temperatures one size packs of Fluorescent Green 8 pieces  of 6mm tubes  ideal...
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