Breakaway Fastlink Clips

Fastlink clips are one of the most popular quick change link or lead clips. Safe and strong for the most powerful casters,

Barrelswivel with Interlock Snap

Barrelswivel with Interlock Snap sizes 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 1/0 - 2/0 - 3/0

Nickel Crane Swivel with Interlock Snap

A nickel crane swivel with an attached interlock snap.

Black Rolling Swivel with Snap

A rolling swivel with a stainless steel hooked snap attached.

Swivel & SS clip

Fantastic value Nickel swivel & SS bait clip

Swivel & SS link

Nickel swivel with SS Lead links

Heavy Duty Crane Swivel With Coastlock Snap

Crane Swivel w/ Coastlock Snap is a terminal tackle component comprised of a marine grade brass crane swivel and coastlock snap. The combination of...

Ball Bearing swivels with welded rings & Coastlock snaps

Ball bearing swivels with welded rings and Coastlock snaps. Scandinavian make. In two sizes, sold in retail packs

Diamond Eye rolling swivel with snaps

Mustad Black Diamond Eye Swivels with Snaps.

Nickel Rolling Swivel with Snap

Nickel rolling swivel with snap in a bright finish.

Snake eyed Nickel Rolling swivels with snap

Only 2 sizes 8 and 12 in 100's only.

SS Lead & Bait clips

SS Lead link with bend for attaching baited hook

SS Lead links

Essential Stainless links for rig making or attaching leads

VMC Crosslock snaps

Black Nickel/Nickle Crosslock Snaps

Bent Link Clip

The Bent Link Clip hangs parallel to the main line and can be used as the top clip in a three hook clip down rig,or drop down pulley rig.

Snood Clips

Designed to make the snood a clip on component.Turning a rig into a modulator system.By carrying spare snoods with different hook sizes/breaking...

New Black Stainless EZ Clips

New Stainless  EZ clips from America

SS Duolock snaps

Black nickel coated American made Stainless Duolock snaps in 6 sizes.

Stainless Steel Crosslock snaps

Stainless Steel crosslock snaps- top qualityswivel, lure, Pirk attachment. Six sizes available in packs of 10. Size 1= 60lb test, size 7= 275lb...

Stainless Steel Hooked Snaps(HS01 - HS06)

Stainless steel hooked snaps.

Black Nickel Hooked Snaps

Hooked snaps in black nickel.

Trombone Clip

Also known as a Sea Clip
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