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The Aberdeen Style - Round bend hooks The perfect Aberdeen has a slightly squared round bend. The extra width between the shank and the hook point...


The O'Shaughnessy style. This pattern resembles the Sproat and the Limerick (Viking) except that its point is bent slightly outward. It is...

Vikings / Sproat

-European use as an ideal worm baitholder. For livebaiting Mackerel for Bass.Very sharp! Big favourite with Commercial Bass Anglers


The Circle hook. This functionally shaped fishhook results in more fish being hooked. The fishermen are learning that the Circle hook is catching 60%...

Octopus hooks

The Octopus style hook This style of hook has a extra-wide gap rounded shape for a higher percentage hookup. Built with a forged, reverse offset, it...


We stock a large range of treble hooks from size 14 right upto 12/0. in 1x strong up to 6x strong.from coarse fishing to wrecking we have a treble...

Big Game

A selection of Big Game hooks for the Bigger Species.Shark,Tuna etc.

Fly Hooks

We have a large selection of single double and treble trout and salmon fly hooks.


A selection of stainless steel oshaunessy,circle & octopus stainless steel hooks.

Jig Hooks

The Jig Hook. This hook is specially engineered for leadhead jigs and other moulded applications. Jig hooks are deadly for Pollock and Bass. Do-it...

Long Line & Commercial mackerel Hooks

A range of comercial mackerel hooks and longline hooks

Other Hooks

A seclection of Eagle claw - Sroat worm - Vanadium worm - Spin shot - Messlers - Z Bend worm  Hooks in different sizes and colours. 

Bass & Ray hooks

The tradional hook for Bass is without a doubt the Aberdeen, Round bend, very sharp point, strong and a shank long enouth to take a good size Peeler...

Flatfish hooks

A large category this so I will concentrate on the smaller species found inshore and from the beach, Flounder, Sole & Plaice

Cod and Pollock hooks

Cod and Pollock hooks for boat fishing in UK waters. These hooks are to cope with the big baits of Squid and Cuttlefish.
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