The Isle of Wight has one of the best fishing, and most varied shore lines in the uk . On the island we have everything from steep shingle, to sand, rock and muddy harbours
Due to the 360 degree coastline there is always somewhere to fish out of the wind

Sandown Bay -South east Wight

Sandown Bay -South east Wight



On the south east side of the island , Sandown bay  runs from Shanklin through to Sandown and finishes at Yaverland , angling in the bay starts in early spring and runs all the way through to December. The main fish that feed in the bay are Bass, rays, Mullet, Wrasse, Mackerel, Garfish, Sole, Black Bream, Dabs, Plaice and small Turbot & Brill..

The baits will vary depending what fish you are targeting; most rays will take frozen sandeel or mackerel, as will the Bass, but if you are after flat fish then fresh ragworm will give you the best results. Medium beach tackle with leads up to 6 oz are used in this area. Avoid strong easterly winds in this area, seas can be too rough to hold bottom.

Sandown Pier is always a good option you can fish up to 10 o’ clock most evenings throughout the summer, flat fish, Mackerel, Dogfish, Garfish, Bass and Undulate Rays are regularly landed here.

Cowes to Bembridge -North east Wight

Cowes to Bembridge -North east Wight


The north east of the Isle of Wight has many shallow sandy beaches, from East Cowes through to Bembridge Ledges.

East Cowes can be fished from half tide up until high tide, weed can be a problem in the main summer months, but also helps to attract a lot of Mullet and Bass at the right time, the odd Flounder or Plaice can turn up as well, along with the summer Smoothhounds.

Ryde and Seaview can only be fished a few hours before high tide, in some areas of Ryde the tide can go out for about half a mile and is very shallow, Bass and Flounders are the main target on these sandy beaches.

At the far end of the north east side lays Bembridge Ledge, You can fish many marks in this area, mostly flat rock with sandy inlets. These areas fish very well for large Wrasse and Bass, with the main bait being, crab and lug and ragworm

Bembridge Lifeboat Station has a good car park , and provides easy access to the ledge areas, where light Bass tackle can be used.

Brook and South west Wight

Brook and South west Wight


On the south west side of the island , This is where the big fish run, some marks may be a 15 min walk down steep inclines , others have easy access via a flat path  , the easy areas to access are Brook , Compton , Chilton and Brighstone , the steeper access areas are Blackgang , Chale and  Atherfield, care must be taken when going to these areas .

When fishing these marks , fish baits will give you the best result , you can catch big Conger , rays , Bass and Dogfish , mostly at night , on the flood tides ,medium to heavy beach tackle  is needed in most of these areas .

During the hot summer months, large shoals of mackerel turn up early morning, and at dusk in the  Blackgang and Chale areas.

Fort Victoria to Cowes- North west Wight

Fort Victoria to Cowes- North west Wight


On the North West side of the island the first fishing mark we come to is Fort Victoria Country Park, which has easy parking and access to the sea.

This is a deep water mark that only can be fished on the flood tide due to the strong current .The area of wall directly in front of the car park fishes well during the evening with plenty of dogfish, Pout, Sole, Smoothound, and the odd Bass and Ray.

A few hundred yards to the right of Fort Victoria is Norton Wall, once again easy access and a flat platform to fish from.

This mark produces good size Sole and Bream in the summer months, and a variety of other fish in the autumn

Most baits can be used at this mark, ragworm, Crab, Mackerel, and Squid etc

During July through to September large shoals of Mackerel can turn up early morning , these can be caught spinning or with feathers ,

The second mark here is West Cowes seafront , which runs from Egypt light to the river medina , once again easy access and parking makes it a good option , the deep water holds a variety of fish including bass, Dogfish, Mackerel, Smoothhound and sole . Medium beach tackle will work well with leads up to 6oz