EUROPE - what a shambolic mess you have got us into - Pocket lining of the first order.
Why would we want to be in a club with the militant pouting French and the Posturing Germans, forget the Belgians, everyone else does.

Our representatives (Most of them wannabees or failed MP's (perhaps they went to the wrong school)) lining their own pockets and living Tax Free in the Troughs of Brussels and Strasbourg. IT DOESN'T WORK, YOU CRETINS!

GOVERNMENT -Of course the Government of the day (filled with hordes of ex Public School "Hoorah Henrys") don't want us to leave the EU . It suits them to stay because they can't keep asking Mummy what to do now, can they?

AMERICA- This is what 200 years of Rape, Pillage & In-Breeding can do for you. They deserve Trump!

Chefs and Food Critics- It's your fault!! look I know you think you are the new celebrities but what are you doing changing the name of our fish. Only a Dutchman says Sea Bass as they also have a freshwater fish they call a Bass.

You don't call a Hake a "Sea Hake" or a Cod a "Sea Cod" do you???? Or how silly to say a "Sea Lobster"

So try and pretend you know something about our fish stocks and call them by their proper name!!!!!!!!!!!! The only Morons that might not know that a Bass is from the Sea are the people who watch Coronation Street and East Enders!! And they can't afford to eat in your restaurants.

And another thing Pollock is only fit for Cat Food, Ray wings (Collectively called Skate) have so much Ammonia you have to drench it in black butter and capers to mask the taste, UGH! And as for eating Pout? Not for eating, unless you are French or Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Bonkers), who will eat just about anything if it moves.

And while I am at it, AUDI your suspension is much too hard for the rubbish roads in this country.

And BT your Superfast fibre ISNT.

Chris Evans to take over Top Gear -where's my sick bag!!!!!!!!

VW Crooks? Told you so.Just like their dealers.

I used to make Jewellery by hand and had a nice little shop in Bath. I went all over Europe selling my hand made rings etc. It was a good business to be in. Then the market started to be flooded with cheap and nasty crap from the Far East and the Birmingham Jewellery quarter (remember Zales!!) and suddenly I didn't want to be part of it anymore. Lost its sparkle so to speak.

On the rarity scale, Rubies (a red Sapphire), Emeralds and Demantoid Garnets should be worth a 100 times more than the Common Diamond.

Now I make bespoke rods (only the finest) and it's happened again. The market is flooded with cheap and nasty Chinese crap.

Like the Jewellery business, you only sell this rubbish to your customers if you don't care what they think. There is a lot of it about.

ANYBODY WANT TO BUY A BUSINESS?. Maybe its time to call it a day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nigel, I think you hit the nail right on the head, Lets get out of Europe or we will have so many people here we will sink!!

I'm thinking of emigrating to Africa, as soon as it is empty.

I was selling a rod to someone locally yesterday and they said they had seen the same built rod on another website £30 cheaper.
I said I was brought up after the war and at that time there was a shortage of houses for the returning troops and their families. The Government of the day decided to embark on a massive house building program to fill the shortage. They used prisoners of war and troops with no previous experience at the building game to put these houses up. They were called "Jerry built" because all the windows were in the wrong place and everything was slapped together in haste.
It did the job and many people were grateful to live in these "Prefabs" I lived in one myself.
But imagine being faced with the choice of two houses, one a "Prefab" and one designed and built by a an Architect with perfect beautiful straight lines and the windows in the right place for a few pounds more? Which one would you go for?
Chris Dance built, like all our rods are not the cheapest but all the windows are in the right place.

Whats the point in owning a website and not using it to say what you think?

6+ Bedroom House for sale-with a lift

6+ Bedroom House for sale-with a lift


Large 6 to 8  Bedroom Detached Victorian Townhouse with a lift for sale in Picturesque Shanklin Old Village. offers above £550,000 

Suitable for a two family/ generation house or Family with seven kids. Parking for 4/5 cars. Click on link below to see the house.

Looking to relocate? Why not move to the best kept secret in the UK, the Isle of Wight.

Yes it may be stuck in the 50's but we have Televisions, Internet and smart phones and we all speak English.

If you are a fisherman or a Surfer or Photographer or Palaeontologist, this is a dream location with beaches all around the Island. Three large harbours and always something going on. (Festival-itus.) With 5 miles of Sea to keep out the riff raff. Rush hour here, is 10 cars in a queue.

With Rays to 40lb plus (we have a plague of them at the moment, ) Bass, Smoothhounds and Sole in abundance. Plenty of Crabs & Lobsters as well.

So if you are a rich Londoner with a one bedroom studio flat (a Millionaire) and fancy a breath of fresh sea air give me a ring and help me downsize to something more manageable.

Or looking for a house to share with the Mother-in- Law, she could live upstairs and you would never know she was there.

6 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms, 3 x Bathrooms, 2 x Kitchens and a 6 person Lift.


Mike 01983 868687 

No friend to the Island

No friend to the Island


No friend to the Isle of Wight -

Wightlink ferries are one of the arteries of the Island an umbilical chord to the mainland -And they are expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason people don't come to the Island for a day out.

They are allowed to put up their prices whenever they choose - How does that work???

I bought a "Day trip" return ticket on Friday the 12th of August -just me and a car £81.00 ??

Some friends came a couple of weeks ago for one night, going back the next day £120.00 return.

Before the present owners the tickets were the same price whatever time of day you chose to sail.

SO why does nobody take this company to task??


The sooner they go bankrupt the better, maybe the new owners will be a bit more Island Friendly.

Spinnaker Tower -Portsmouth Harbour

Spinnaker Tower -Portsmouth Harbour


Posrtsmouth Spinnaker Tower, from the Isle of Wight Ferry.

Bath -Royal Crescent

Bath -Royal Crescent


The wonderful heritage city of Bath, spoilt by a greedy council. A grade 1 -Georgian city with a concrete Hilton in the middle of it. To their shame. Somebody must have got a backhander!

This is Royal Crescent, probably the finest block of Georgian flats in the country.

Bath -Pulteney bridge

Bath -Pulteney bridge


Bath - Pulteney bridge

Mont st. Michel weekend

Mont st. Michel weekend


Went to France last weekend stayed in the "Beach Hotel" hotel in Trouville sur Mer, Rubbish, supposed to be a 4 star but wasn't even a bad 2 star. 
parking in France is 24/7 and expensive. Drove the 100 or so miles to Mont St Michel. Couldn't get within 3 miles of it, had to park and get the bus, which takes you to the bottom of it. It's free but the parking isn't. They have made an industry out of sightseeing.

Graces Jam Doughnuts

Graces Jam Doughnuts


A Jam Doughnut with very little jam