About UK Hooks

UK UK Hooks is a small three man business and we try to look after our customers who appreciate speed, good value and the personal touch. We hope that you will find our website, user friendly and easy to use, we keep developing it and do try to keep it up to date with daily hands-on maintenance.

I started with a stock of 30,000 hooks in 10 patterns and this has grown to umpteen patterns and hundreds of other sea angling items. I keep a large float of at least 500,000 hooks in stock now but still run out of some of the sizes.

The care, attention and finish we apply to the Zziplex blanks we get, has helped create an insatiable appetite for all things Zziplex. We are fussy when it comes to rods and the blanks we use for Shore angling and Boat angling are hopefully the best in the business.

UK Hooks makes in-house or has exclusively made for us over 100 items from booms, rigs, tubing, coasters, moveable reel seats, Coaster seats etc. these items are not available anywhere else.

I have always been easily seduced by a good hook. Eagle Claw, Mustad, VMC and Rozetti are making hooks that fit my idea of the perfect hook for fishing in the UK.

My own interests are now mostly in beach fishing and I prefer to fish lazily from the car on clean beaches. Sometimes it is enough to just sit on the beach and relax. I have always loved the sea and have worked on Cornish Trawlers, Crabbers and Long-liners and run a couple of Pleasure boats in the past

Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor